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A lesson in lichen

One of my most asked questions is about lichen       Lichen are not plants neither are they animals.  They are a unique organism that is a combination of fungi and algae. Lichen are one of the oldest land dwelling life forms. They have adapted to live everywhere on earth from the arctic to […]

Getting Chilly!

    It’s so chilly this morning! It had to happen sometime but this is cold for October. We usually have warmer days and no freezes until November. I shouldn’t complain though because we have not gotten a good freeze or frost yet because of out location. We are 3 miles from the Atlantic ocean […]


      Yes, I’m still here and I’ve discovered that I am not the best blogger. I can do it and I like to do it but it is hard to find the time! I’m hoping to get back on track and I may do smaller ones than fewer longer ones. If any of […]

Spring is springing!

So I think this is an appropriate day to post.  The first full day of Spring 2014.  I haven’t posted over the winter much as I didn’t have anything nice to say.  Although, this winter was so insistent that I was forced to find some enjoyment in it.  Admitedly it was pretty.  It was fun […]

It’s never too late, is it?

Yes I know, bulbs should be planted in October.  Well, I was busy in October and didn’t get them all in.  Then of course we had our annual Halloween party to plan and work to finish. I meant to plant them in November but somehow  I coudn’t find them.  I had them in a box […]

I’m on a rampage!

It started this morning when I looked on facebook and saw an article promoted by a wonderful gardener, author and expert in meadows and native plants.  Her name is Katherine Zimmerman and she started what is called the Meadow Project.  Find it here at www.themeadowproject.com. She posted an article from the New York Times and […]


  I just came in from the garden.  Such a gift to be out there on November 16th in a sweatshirt.  It’s a good thing it was warm because I hadn’t planted my garlic yet.  I can be such a procrastinator and many times that means I get burned (or frozen) by the weather.  Not […]

I’m still here!

So, what I have learned this year is that I am a very undependable blogger during the gardening season.  I had planned to write weekly and keep everyone up to date on happenings but Yikes! Time was at a premium.  So I’m just checking in and will start blogging again soon.  Also, they may be […]

How to make a bed

  So, I  made a HUGE mistake about 3 years ago. I don’t know what I was thinking but I decided to plant 20 little raspberry plants right in the middle of my vegetable garden.  It was nice rich soil and they would do very well there. That was the mistake.  They did so well […]

Spring pruning

  Hi everyone, The weather is finally taking a turn for the better.  Although as I write this it is very cloudy and windy so it’s still not very pleasant to be out for very long. But if you want a job to warm you up outside, pruning could be just the thing. One of […]