Getting Chilly!




It’s so chilly this morning!

It had to happen sometime but this is cold for October. We usually have warmer days and no freezes until November.
I shouldn’t complain though because we have not gotten a good freeze or frost yet because of out location. We are 3 miles from the Atlantic ocean and about 1.5 miles from the Westport River so we are insulated by warm water this time of year.  I brought in all the tender plants that I wanted to save last night but the ones I didn’t bring in don’t seem any worse for wear.


This is a good time for you all to assess your properties micro climates. We all have them. Whether it is on the south side up against the house or a corner of stone wall that shelters the spot.  On the other end of the spectrum could be the north side which is always cold and shady and the last place the snow melts. Observation of your conditions will give you the knowledge of where to plant things that are just a bit tender or things that can stand extremes.

Observing nature isn’t just for fun, you can learn a lot.


October 26th, 2016

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  1. Nancy Farias says:

    Love your blogs,Sarah.Thank you for taking time to do this.

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