It’s never too late, is it?


Yes I know, bulbs should be planted in October.  Well, I was busy in October and didn’t get them all in.  Then of course we had our annual Halloween party to plan and work to finish. I meant to plant them in November but somehow  I coudn’t find them.  I had them in a box in the mudroom and then they were gone! Ok, they’ll turn up before the end of the month.

Thanksgiving came and while looking for a pan in the mudroom I found the bulbs! Yay! But it will have to wait as Thanksgiving is here and there is too much to do. Thanksgiving was so nice  I didn’t want it to end and turn into the madness that was Christmas.  If one more person asked if I’d “finished my shopping” I was going to scream! No I hadn’t finished! To finish you have to actually start! I had other things on my mind like baking and cooking and decorating.  I did get the shopping done finally( my boys would have died if there was nothing under the tree for them) as I try to be a good Mom. Christmas turned out to be very nice and then the snow came so bulbs were forgotten again while sledding took over our lives. I decided that when the kids went back to school I could pot the bulbs up and then plant them in the spring. Good idea.

So then came the deep freeze and my stash of potting soil was so frozen solid that I coouldn’t even get it in the greenhouse to melt.  It looked like a lost cause. But then to my delight we had  January thaw!  January thaw’s are one of the few things I like about January. I do like fires in the fireplace and the chance to make lots of good warm food but that’s about it.  So last week, on January 17, I finally planted the last of my bulbs! I don’t think I’ve ever done it so late before and I’m not sure what success I’ll have but they are tucked in and I can relax.

There is another deep freeze coming for this week so I got them in just in time. Then Ben went in the mudroom today and found a bag under another box with 100 crocus bulbs in it that I’d forgotten about.




January 19th, 2014

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