Spring is springing!

I love the beautiful green of this lichen and fungus

I love the beautiful green of this lichen and fungus

So I think this is an appropriate day to post.  The first full day of Spring 2014.  I haven’t posted over the winter much as I didn’t have anything nice to say.  Although, this winter was so insistent that I was forced to find some enjoyment in it.  Admitedly it was pretty.  It was fun to have to hunker down and watch nature at its wildest from the window while good things were cooking or baking.  Also the blanket of snow did insulate the plants from the absurdly cold temperatures we had. Ok, thats it.  I’m done with winter.


Remember my last post from January where I had just planted bulbs during the January thaw?  Well I am delighted to report that the Galanthus (snowdrops) didn’t mind it a bit.  They made their appearance last week and are beginning to bloom.  I planted a few other minor bulbs which I haven’t seen a trace of yet but I’ll keep you posted. I always feel that sprouting bulbs are such a gift and very magical.  I annoy my husband by pointing them out and saying “Look! They came up!” And his usual reply is “What else did you expect them to do?” No whimsy at all in that man.

Anyway, it is time to get your peas in the ground around here and I’m doing it today.  It was supposed to get done on St. Patrick’s day but the soil was so water logged I didn’t want to lose a shoe in the mud.  It has happened before. So I’m hedging my bets by planting 2 rows today and then 2 rows in 2 weeks.  I don’t want them to all come at once anyway.  I’ve also got my onions seeded in the greenhouse and they will be headed out in the near future.

As for the other aspects of the garden it is time to prune your fruit trees.  They can all do with some clean up after the snow has broken some branches.  Open up the structure so it is airy and can let sun in to all the fruit.  Don’t prune any early flowering shrubs as you will be cutting off their flowers.  Viburnum, rhododendron, azalea, quincen, pieris and many others can be pruned after bloom not before. Evergreens can be pruned now as well.

Get your soil tested if you are planting something new or if you haven’t done a test for 3 years and anytime is a good time to get a good layer of compost or mulch on your beds. The time we have all been waiting for is here so lets have at it!




P.S. please feel free to leave comments and if there are any subjects you would like more info on just let me know!

March 21st, 2014

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